How to Contribute to Dungeon Master DAO

Welcome to the Dungeon Master DAO contribution guide. By following the steps below, you can seamlessly contribute by proposing and enabling extensions.

Step 1: Create an "extension" contract that does cool stuff

Start by creating your Clarity smart contract. I recommend looking at the existing DAO extentions for reference. Also feel free to join the Discord server if you need help. Deploy the extension to Stacks mainnet using the sandbox once you've tested that it works.

Step 2: Create a "proposal" contract that enables the extension

Now, craft another smart contract that integrates and enables your primary "extension" contract.

Deploy the proposal to Stacks mainnet once you have tested that it works.

deploy a proposal

Step 3: Propose the new contract

Utilize the "propose" function of the dme002-proposal-submission contract to introduce your new proposal. Remember to set the start-block-height a minimum of 144 blocks ahead of the current block.

Step 4: Wait the voting period (~10 days)

After proposing, you must wait for 144 blocks. Following this period, the community will vote on your proposal. This voting process will span roughly 10 days. Engage with the community during this period to gather support for your proposal!

Step 5: Concluding the proposal

If your proposal garners enough votes and passes, you can use the "conclude" function on the dme001-proposal-voting contract. This will execute your contract and enable the extension.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Dungeon Master DAO. Your involvement ensures a dynamic and evolving platform for all users!